RF Amplifier

Here at CERNEX, Inc., we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, industry-standard microwave components, and one of the most important such components is the RF amplifier. If you need RF amplifiers for any sort of engineering or manufacturing project, CERNEX, Inc. is happy to provide you with whatever you need.

RF Amplifiers

RF amplifiers are also known as low noise amplifiers or power amplifiers. These RF amplifiers are used in the defense and aerospace industry as well as in the telecommunication industry and the new wireless telecommunication networks, such as 5G. Our RF amplifiers are carefully engineered using the finest materials, so you can be sure that every aspect, from the bandwidth to the signal compression levels, is optimized.


Ever since our founding in 1988, the dedicated team of experts at CERNEX, Inc., has provided the best millimeter-wave and microwave components to customers around the world. As a result of our dedication to quality products and quality service, we've enjoyed steady growth and have been able to employ some of the brightest minds in the business.

When you choose CERNEX, Inc., you make an investment in quality parts that will help you create highquality products. For more information, drop us a line at (408) 541-9226.

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